Reza Ghabcheloo

Associate Professor Tenure Track

Laboratory of Automation and Hydraulic Engineering (AUT)

Tampere University of Technology


+358 4 0849 0346

Visit me at

Konetalo, K2229 Korkeakoulunkatu 6,33720 Tampere





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I am determined to solve challenging robotics problems, build autonomous robots to work for human and with human, and train future robotics engineers to be able to do so.

Research interest

·    Optimal robot motion, specially under constraints

·    Tight integration of estimation and control

·    Rigid and non-rigid material handling (pallet picking, earth moving)

·    Optimal power management for hydraulic mobile machines (wheel loader, excavator)

·    Learning from demonstration, in particular, learning stable dynamic systems


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Associate professor on Field Robotics  (since 2015)

Researcher Fellow with GIM center of Excellence for Academy of Finland (2008-2014)

Ph.D. degrees from Institute for Systems and Robotics at IST, Lisbon, Portugal (2007)

M.Sc. from K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (1999)

Positions of trust

Responsible for MSc major in Robotics at TUT

Associate editor for IEEE Int. Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA’18,19)

Associate editor IEEE Conf on Control Technology and Applications (CCTA’18)


IHA-2506 Electrohydraulic Servo Systems, 5 op, 2009-2018

IHA-4206 Mechatronics and Robot Programming, 5 op , 2017-

IHA-4306 Fundamentals of Mobile Robots, 5 op, 2017-

IHA-4506 Advanced Robotics, 5cr, 2018-

MEI-56306 Robotics Project Work, 5 op, 2017-


Previous courses

IHA-2306 Mobile hydraulics, 5 cr (some lectures on optimal power management) 2015-2016

IHA-3256 Autonomous Mobile Machines, 2011-2013,

ASE-8016 Intelligent vehicles: a MOOC with TUT supervision, 2014



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