Toward energy-efficient electronics with
ultrafast control of novel nanomaterials


NANOCONTROL is a Nordic Research network (2014-2016) in NORDEN Top-Level Research Initiative: Energy efficiency with nanotechnology. The network consists of five research groups located in Tampere (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden), Bergen (Norway), Aarhus (Denmark), and Reykjavik (Iceland) - thus including all Nordic countries. Click the link above for more information of the consortium.

In brief, we combine forces in computational methods of physics and nanostructure modeling. Our aim is to develop new tools and construct new ways to control complicated time-dependent quantum phenomena on the nanoscale. We organize joint meetings and support active researcher exchange between the nodes. More information of the consortium and the events can be found from the upper panel.


January 2017: The project has officially ended. We are looking forward to further networking opportunities!