Wednesday afternoon session

10:30 Lunch

12:00 Kasia Pernal

•  Density matrix functional theory (DMFT)

13:30 Ari Harju

•  Exact diagonalization for ground state and dynamics

14:30 Coffee

Wednesday late afternoon session

15:00 Dage Sundholm

•  Multicomponent CI

16:00 Hannes Jónsson

•  Orbital density dependent functionals

17:00 Tapio Rantala

  1. Quantum statistical physics approach with PIMC

Wednesday evening

•  Get-together


Thursday morning session

10:00 Esa Räsänen

  1. Introduction to time-dependent DFT (TDDFT)

10:50 Coffee

11:00 Kasia Pernal

•  Time-dependent density matrix theories (TD-DMFT)

12:30 Lunch

Thursday afternoon session

14:00 Martti Puska

•  Ehrenfest dynamics and nonadiabatic MOLDY

15:00 Robert van Leeuwen

  1. Keldysh formalism of nonequilibrium many-body theory

Thursday evening

•  Dinner and cruise on lake Pyhäjärvi


Friday morning session

10:00 Esa Räsänen

  1. Strong-field phenomena and optimal control theory

11:15 Coffee

11:30 Mikko Hakala

•  Electronic structure and and x-ray properties

12:30 Lunch

National Doctoral Programme in Materials Physics
National Graduate School LasKeMo

The scope of the summer school is electronic structure theory, the novel and emerging approaches, in particular.  Thus, there is less emphasis on software and other practical methods, but more on insight and new ideas.

Graduate students will be credited by 2 ECTS + 1 from homework.