Current courses

BME-1190 Terveysteknologia, vastuuopettaja
BME-1506 Research Project in Biomedical Engineering, director
BME-1806 Master’s Seminar on Biomedical Engineering, director
BME-1177 Biomedical Engineering: Research and Productization, 4 lectures
BME-2160 Terveydenhuollon tietojärjestelmät, vastuuopettaja
BME-1186 Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Course, director

Past courses

Introduction to Medical Informatics (director and lecturer)

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory Course (director and lecturer)

Medical Electronics Laboratory (director and lecturer)

Medical Informatics Laboratory (director and lecturer)

Healthcare Technology (director and lecturer)

Healthcare Information Systems (director)

Doctoral Seminar on Healthcare Technology (director and lecturer)

Seminar on Biomedical Engineering (director and lecturer)

Physiological System Measurements (teaching fellow and assistant)

Operating System Concepts, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (director and lecturer)

Instrumentation in Clinical Chemistry (lecturer and assistant)

Modeling of Physiological Systems (teaching fellow)

Doctoral Seminar on Biomedical Engineering (teaching fellow)

Biomedical Engineering for Medical Doctors, University of Tampere (teaching fellow)

Biosensor Technology (assistant)

Bioelectromagnetism (assistant)

Demonstration lectures given at 1999 when applying the position of Assistant Professor in the Ragnar Granit Institute, Electrical Department and at 2011 when applying the position of Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tampere University of Technology.

Course material

Introduction to Medical Informatics (lecture and exercise notes)

Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (educational material)

Medical Electronics Laboratory (educational material)

Medical Informatics Laboratory (educational material)

Seminar on Biomedical Engineering (lecture notes)

Healthcare Technology (part of lecture notes)

Modeling of Physiological Systems (part of lecture notes)

Instrumentation in Clinical Chemistry (part of lecture notes, exercise notes)

Biosensor Technology (exercise notes)

Supervisory duties

Supervised or steered doctoral thesis

Merja Puurtinen (PhD): Precordial Bipolar Leads for Mobile ECG Applications. 21.9.2012, Tampere University of Technology.
Johanna Leino (MD): The Prognostic Power of the Clinical Exercise Test. 1.4.2011, University of Tampere.
Mikko Minkkinen (MD): T-Wave Alternans as a Prognostic Marker in Patients Referred for Exercise Testing - Quantitative Analysis and Combined Assessment with Exercise Capacity and Heart Rate Recovery. 16.12.2011, University of Tampere

Instructing 4 Doctoral Thesis

Participating in instruction of 1 Licentiate Thesis

Supervisor of 35 Master of Science Thesis

Supervisor and examiner in numbers of Biomedical Engineering Projects

Opponent activities

Saara Rissanen (PhD): Feature Extraction Methods for Surface Electromyography and Kinematic Measurements in Quantifying Motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. 24.02.2012, University of Eastern Finland